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The design process doesn’t have to be complicated. Be transparent and design with passion.

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We create beautiful designs that our clients love while making the process as easy and attainable as possible.

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We ensure that your project runs well, and we have the necessary relationships and affiliations with trade specialists to do so. We are with you every step of the way, from concept to space planning to build out and execution.

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The Avasa team is fun, passionate, creative, 
and down-to-earth, and they work hard every day to bring our clients’ visions to reality. Our creative staff is dedicated and driven to constantly exceed the expectations of every project, for every customer, whether it’s through interior design or interior decoration!


…And, most importantly, we have a good time doing it!

We have now been living in out new house for almost 5 months. I am happy with all the choices that Avasa team helped us pick out it was a considerable expense but well worth it in the end. When I look back, it has been almost two years since we started the whole process of designing the house and picking out a contractor. At first I thought I'm not going to incur the cost of having on Interior designer but I soon realized that I would need some help. There were reasons why we went with Avasa's Interiors. First, I have a full time job and I don't have time to run around and source all the Interior finishes. Second, I don't have the expertise to even know where to find the best finishes for the best price. Third, the reason we picked GD Contracting was that they worked with on Interior design firm. A an example, when we were picking out the point color's, I wanted a light move for the master bedroom. If I has picked what I thought was right, it would not have looked good at all.

Raj Kumar IT Employee

It is my pleasure to relate my experience with Avasa Interiors. My kitchen was in dire need of a makeover and a good friend apoke highly and recommended Avasa Interiors. This was my first time dealing with an Interior decorator and I was somewhat apprehensive. However, once I met with Prasanth, she set my mind at ease with her knowledge, guidance and professionalism. During the renovation, her "down to earth" personality helped turn an otherwise daunting reno into a kitchen which I am very proud of to this day...five stars for Avasa Interiors.

Gayatri Ram HR